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Chiropractic Back to School Tip

Kids are back in school, and it’s an exciting time, but there can be some hidden health issues that need to be considered when back in the classroom. This back-to-school season you can make sure that you and your children are paying attention to some key aspects: backpacks, sleep, posture, and stretching. These back-to-school tips can help protect your kids from back pain now and later in life.


Take a moment and pick up your child’s fully loaded backpack. There’s a good chance that even your elementary school student’s bookbag weight can surprise you. A child’s backpack should be no more than 10 to 20 percent of what your child weighs, but that’s not always possible. However, there are some things that you can do to help your child with their backpack.

One is buying them a good backpack. The coolest bookbag with their favorite character may look nice, but it may not have the features that will help them protect their back. Instead, look for sturdy backpacks that have thick straps with some padding. For older children with even heavier loads, you may even want to consider a wheeled pack if they are allowed at school.

Another thing that you can do to help your child with their bookbag is to make sure that they’re wearing it correctly. It may be cool or easier to sling one strap over a single shoulder, but properly wearing the bookbag distributes the weight evenly across their shoulders and back. Check that they are wearing it correctly at all times.


Another area where kids can need some help is with their sleep habits. Summer vacation often leads to different sleep patterns, and it can be tough to get them back on track for school. You want to ensure that your child receives the recommended amount of sleep for their age every night to help them succeed.


Proper posture is essential, especially when back to school. Sitting at a desk all day, reading books, writing, and being on the computer can all take a toll on your child. You want to make sure that they are practicing the correct posture during the day. For example, tell them that they should be trying to tip the reading material towards them rather than tilting their head downwards towards it to help with preventing neck strain. When sitting in a chair all day, they should have their feet flat on the ground, shoulders back, and head straight. Slouching comes naturally to even adults, so reminding them to be mindful of how they are sitting can help prevent them from back and neck issues.


Another thing that you should share with your child is the benefit of stretching. Some teachers give their students a moment to stretch during class, such as after a test, but they should periodically stretch when possible, during their day. In addition, you may want to remind them to stretch out and warm up before gym and playing at recess.

Has your child been complaining about neck and back pain? It can be a good idea to have them seen by the excellent chiropractors at Lifegiving Chiropractic to help with the issue before it has a chance to get worse. That way, measures can be taken to help them correct the root cause and feel better while they’re back to school.

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