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Don't Miss Your Winter Chiropractor Appointment!

As the snow flies outside and winter sets in, it can create some curious behaviors that are not present in other seasons. Take, for instance, our eating habits and general need to be inside. They both change drastically during the winter months, and it takes that much more concentration and effort to get out the door and do things that are healthy.

Because of our more sedentary lifestyle and exposure to cold during the winter, it can leave us vulnerable to the common cold, the flu and a myriad of other illnesses. There are a number of things that can boost our immunity and overall well being, but the most powerful is going to be regular chiropractic care. Let’s break down below a few of the key ways chiropractic care in the winter can boost our immunity and protect us from other injuries.

- Combatting common cold and flu viruses

Getting a the flu, bronchitis or a severe cold fill many people with anxiety during the winter months. There is a good reason for this, as research has shown a rise in viruses specifically during the post holiday and pre-spring months. Winter chiropractic care helps with immunity simply by keeping the brain and the rest of your body communicating with each other. The alignment of the spine increases nerve response time, allowing your brain and immune system to attack viruses before they become a threat.

- Easing Body Stiffness

When your body interacts with colder temperatures it’s first instinct is to contract muscles and become stiff in an effort to warm itself and protect vital organs. As you can imagine muscles becoming stiff and prone to cramping makes exercise difficult, especially outdoors. There is always the option of wearing warmer clothing, but you also have to remember your body is capable of dealing with harsh environments and it’s also capable of healing itself. Proper alignment of the spine through regular chiropractic care has been shown to increase blood flow to vital organs and extremities.

- Reducing the Symptoms of Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder has become widely recognized in recent years as a way to explain friends and family members being much more prone to depression during the winter months. Sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder can benefit immensely from regular chiropractic care because aligning the spine not only stimulates our nervous system but it also balances hormone production. Two major causes of hormone imbalance are an overabundance of pain and stress in our bodies. By easing those two symptoms the hormones in your body should be able to naturally balance out without the need for harsh prescriptions that could cause other unwanted side effects.

- Protection from Skiing or Snowboarding Injuries

Winter sports are an incredibly fun activity, that almost make us forget how cold it is outside. As we discussed above, your body’s natural response to the cold temperatures is to stiffen, and this will definitely affect your coordination on the slopes. Having regular chiropractic appointments will increase response time and allow you to enjoy winter sports without the fear of injury. Chiropractic care also speeds along recovery if you have already been injured.

Give our experienced team a call today, and let us help you make this the best winter yet!

Learn more about our services here, and we may be reached in Austell GA at (770) 943-1425 and in Campbell CA at (408) 340-5055.

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