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End Your Lower Back Pain Safely and Holistically

low back painIf you’re human and have a pulse, you’ve likely experienced low back pain. Our attempt at quick wit aside, the commonality of lower back pain does not mean it doesn’t have real-life implications on how well you can endure day-to-day activities, your work life, and your hobbies.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Lower back pain can be incessant. It prevents us from sitting comfortably at work, enjoying our children or grandchildren’s games from the bleachers, and hampers our mobility. It restricts our body from healthy and necessary daily movement. It can also be sudden and acute, taking our breath away and keeping us immobile for several days.

Why do we experience it, how do we treat it, and how can we prevent it? LifeGiving Chiropractic can help you unlock those answers.

Why Do We Experience Low Back Pain?

Lower back pain happens for several reasons. It can be a result of falls and injuries, and it can happen due to a sedentary lifestyle. It can also build in people who stand for long hours or are in their vehicles for long durations.

Whether we’re injured or it’s due to lifestyle, not moving that area of the back can create tension that inhibits the development and health of the muscle. It weakens not just those muscles, but also the muscles of the front part of your core. It can lead to problems like osteoarthritis and continued muscle weakening,

In cases where injury has caused lower back pain, it’s often because the patient has not used their muscles properly when they’re trying to train. This causes issues like a pulled muscle or a misalignment in the spine. When we’re immobile for long periods during the day, either at a desk or in a car, those muscles are not used effectively, and that causes physical stress on the area.

In addition to the physical stress we’ve previously detailed, chemical and emotional stress also make an impact on our lower back. Chemical stress is caused by what we put into our body, whether it’s lotions, perfumes, or what we eat and drink. This has a direct correlation to how our bodies respond to physical stress, injuries, healing, inflammation, and more.

Make Improvements to Benefit Your Lower Back

One big way to prevent lower back pain is to maintain healthy movement and diet. Avoiding sugar, which causes inflammation in the body, is an important first step.

Posture is also crucial when it comes to prevention. Keep any screen use at eye level, which will help your shoulders stay in alignment with your head and shoulders. Your feet need to hit the floor when you’re seated, and your knees and hips need to be at a 90-degree angle.

For those who stand for much of the day, keep your back nice and straight, and bring your shoulders back. Many people walk with anterior pelvic tilt, which means they’re pushing their buttocks back, kind of arching that low back. That can also create a lot of stress and should be corrected.

Chiropractic for Lower Back Pain

As you work to add prevention to your health and wellness regime, chiropractic care is an integral component in alleviating lower back problems. Many patients who visit us for the first time explain they’ve been living with the misconception that if someone is adjusted once, they have to be adjusted for life. That’s simply not true.

After your first few adjustments, you will gauge how your body feels, how your body’s adapting, and decide for yourself. See if you notice any difference in your day-to-day activities, your commute, and your hours at work. You will likely begin to feel less pain and tension in-between visits, especially if you put the work into reducing inflammatory foods like sugar and moving your body more often.

We Can Help You Alleviate Your Pain

Chiropractic is safe, non-invasive and medication-free. With customized care plans, your chiropractic visits are always tailored to your body’s specific needs. Call us today to schedule a visit!

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