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Chiropractic Care is for the Whole Family


Chiropractic care is a core piece of fitness and health at every age. From the newborn to grandma and grandpa, many health issues can be resolved by restoring the body’s communication. Our bodies were designed to heal themselves, but if the brain can’t communicate with the body it inhibits proper healing.

Infant Care

No baby is too small for an adjustment. Often, newborns can benefit the most from chiropractic adjustment. After the traumatic and aggressive process of birth, it is very common for infants to be out of alignment. This can lead to colic, general fussiness, poor digestion, weakened immune system, and difficulty sleeping, among other issues. While some people may worry that chiropractic adjustment is dangerous at such a young age, the opposite is actually true. Newborns with untreated spinal issues face a higher risk of SIDS. Chiropractic adjustments on infants are much gentler and easier than adult adjustments. That is because newborns are already very flexible and their bones move easily. Often, a newborn adjustment looks more like a gentle massage than the popping and twisting of an adult adjustment.

Pediatric and Adolescent Care

A short browse of YouTube will confirm for you that the fact that most children survive to adulthood is something of a miracle. Children are often launching themselves off things, running at full tilt, twisting their bodies in wild dance or gymnastics. Many children and teens today also play in recreational sports, with increasing intensity and competition. All of this movement is great for their bodies, but also increases their chances of injuring themselves. Children and teens are just as vulnerable to health complications from spinal issues as adults. It is beneficial to take your children for regular adjustments to keep them from injury and help their bodies grow properly. This can also help them create healthy lifelong habits.

Adult Care

Whether you sit at a desk all day, perform manual labor or chase after small children, the repetitive tasks in our days eventually lead to spinal subluxations. Untreated subluxations can cause a ripple of destruction to your health. Pain, headaches, dizziness, low energy, difficulty sleeping, weakened immune health are all symptoms of subluxation. Regardless of your activity level, you should check in with a Chiropractor regularly to address issues while they are small. Consistent care is better than allowing your pain to finally bring you into the office. Once you are in pain your back has already been struggling for awhile and it takes longer and more adjustments to get it healthy again.

Elderly Care

As we become older, our bones become more brittle and our muscles lose flexibility. Also, many adults’ activity level decrease as they age. With these changes, it is essential to continue to care for our spinal health to steward overall health. Chiropractors can help maximize range of motion and address the stiffness of aging muscles. Regular Chiropractic care can also help reduce the severity of arthritis. Maintaining spinal health leads to a more full and pain-free life, even into the sunset years of your life.

As a chiropractor in San Jose, our whole mission is to give you the tools to become a better version of yourself. If any pains or aches are bothering you, please make sure you reach out to us!

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