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Let March Madness Inspire Healthy Life Choices

March is a magical time of year for basketball enthusiasts, we compare our favorite teams, watch every game and have a great time bonding with friends, coworkers, and family over an incredible sport. Basketball and chiropractic care have had a long relationship in both college basketball and the NBA. We look at basketball players and see the pinnacle of good health and physical discipline, but to perform in every game, these athletes have to align their mind and body to ensure everything is working in perfect order. Let’s unpack some of the things these athletes do on a daily basis and use them to inspire our own fitness journey.

Athletes know how to deal with stress

Think about it, no matter what happens in their lives off the court basketball players need to be perfectly focused before they play a game or even have an intense practice. Prolonged stress contributes to dozens of health issues, including depression, high blood pressure and headaches. To combat stress we have many tools that are all equally beneficial, such as listening to relaxing music, meditating, or getting a chiropractic adjustment. The list goes on, but remember to listen to your body and think about the impact prolonged stress is having on you.

Diet is key to an athlete’s performance

the key to overall health and well-being. A good diet consists of plenty of fruits and vegetables, protein, and whole grains. Before and after games basketball players understand what it takes to fuel their body and reach new heights in performance. For your own life, it’s good to start with the basics first and continue pursuing healthy diet change. Start with eliminating the excess salt, sugar, and processed food from your diet and learn to drink plenty of water.

Proper posture makes an incredible difference in an athletes performance

At Lifegiving Chiropractor we know this and can help you or any athlete maintain. Basketball players maybe some of the fittest people on the planet, but they are still susceptible to things like sleeping in a bad position or slouching when they sit. A chiropractor can reverse much of the damage caused by bad posture and also give you the tools you need to help maintain a healthy posture all the time. Once you have established good posture, you might be surprised at how much your health improves!

Your body is capable of doing amazing things

Though you may not be a professional basketball player you still work, play with your kids, drive, sit in uncomfortable positions, and do all sorts of things every day that impact the health of your spine. Chiropractic care is a holistic approach that allows your body to heal itself. Not only that, but chiropractors have extensive knowledge of the human body and especially body mechanics.

Chiropractic care and basketball go hand in hand, so much so that most professional teams actually have their own chiropractor to make last-minute adjustments, improve strength, enhance speed and give players a competitive edge over the other team. Increasing skill level year over year in any sport relies on hard work and diligent practice, but it also comes down to healing and adjusting your body so it can deal with the pressure. If you want to increase your physical performance we are here to help you, contact us anytime and we are happy to schedule an adjustment.

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