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Wonder Woman's "Obvious" Secret Weapon


Yes! I finally got to watch what immediately became one of my favorite movies ever. As a father of two baby boys, watching full length movies has become a premium and somewhat rare (I’m sure some parents can understand). But there was nothing more thrilling than watching the Amazon Warrior Goddess take the lead, fight her battles, save the day and just be a flat out BadAss!

Wonder Woman looked amazing, and so poised as she fought evil. And the one thing I couldn’t help but notice was, surprisingly, her posture. I realize this may sound unusual and I know this isn’t what most of you were paying attention. But, wow, Wonder Woman had perfect posture.


No Spoilers Here, But while watching the movie, didn’t you notice that whenever Wonder Woman appeared on every scene she just took over the spotlight? It had a lot more to do than actually having a spotlight on her. It had everything to do with her Posture!

Let’s quickly analyze. (and apply all of these on your daily life)

  • Wonder Woman Walks Tall.
  • Wonder Woman Opens up her shoulders and brings them back.
  • Wonder Woman Lifts her chin up to keep her ears above her open shoulders. (and create maximal Cervical curve integrity).
  • Wonder Woman brings her Shoulder Blades back; as if she was holding a sword in between her shoulder blades.
  • Wonder Woman keeps her hips aligned by distributing proper weight throughout her body.


Now, you might think this is all in her genes. It isn’t. Great Posture is learned and worked on. As you can see on the picture above with the Amazonian tribe. They all portray this perfect posture because they understand how it can aid them in battle.

Having the Wonder Woman Posture will:

  • Improve Your Health.
  • Improve Strength and Coordination.
  • Give You Unlimited Confidence.
  • Reduces the possibility of injury.
  • Makes clothe fit better.
  • Your Heart-Lungs-Liver-Digestive System- Kidneys will all function at optimal levels.
  • Testosterone levels go up (it’s ok for women too. It will not make you grow a mustache).
  • Lowers Cortisol levels (Cortisol stores fat….we don’t want Cortisol in our bodies).
  • Makes YOU a BADASS like Wonder Woman!

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Throughout the whole movie Wonder Woman is drawing power, strength and confidence from her posture. It’s why she stands straight before storming into castles, battling 20 soldiers at a time and saving the world.

You can do the same!

By being mindful of your own posture you can go through your every day life ripping the benefits it can bring you….making you, your own Wonder Woman!


Unleash the Wonder Woman in you!


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As a chiropractor in Austell, our whole mission is to give you the tools to become a better version of yourself. If any pains or aches are bothering you, please make sure you reach out to us!


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